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Hand Woven Tallit

When you drape your tallit on your shoulders, do you wish that you had a lighter and more colorful tallit?

Tallit TARIG is the solution!

Tallit TARIG stands for an acrostic between the Hebrew for "tallit" -prayer shawl, and "ariga" -weaving. Once you wear the tallit you barely feel it because it is lightweight.

At the same time, you are wrapped in a hand-woven, authentic and natural, 100% pure cotton fabric with the color scheme of your choice.

Tallit TARIG is special without being overly elaborate. Most importantly, the ritual fringes are strictly kosher.

Tallit TARIG has been used for Bar/Bat Mitzvas, attending synagogue, and even as a really neat huppa!

Each set comes with a tallit, a matching bag, and a tefillin bag or kippa that all fit into a handy plastic carry bag.